What happened to A&W cream soda with "Aged Vanilla"

aged vanilla cream soda

A concerned man called the store the other day. He said, "I saw that your A&W Cream Soda has aged vanilla in it. I have been looking everywhere for it because I remember it from years ago. Can you please check to see if yours has it?"

"Sure, give me a second," I walked over to the shelf, grabbed a can from it, and started turning it in my hands to find the words "aged vanilla". There was no sign of vanilla among the ingredients. Aged vanilla would be a stretch.
"No, the one we have in stock doesn't have any vanilla in it at all," I sighed.

"Then that's not what I'm looking for, I'll keep looking!" exclaimed the person on the phone.

"Wait, how about you give me 15 minutes and I will call you back?"



I scratched my head because I knew from before how expensive vanilla is, we stock it from time to time but the real thing (with pods) is extremely expensive. Putting that in a soda can is hardly a possibility. So I googled, and low and behold, I found this gem.


I called back the man to tell him, "You can stop looking for A&W cream soda with aged vanilla. There was never any aged vanilla in that cream soda, the company misled everyone and there was a court ruling against them in the US. You can buy regular and it's going to taste like that thing from years ago."

The news was disappointing for a second, but then yet another distraction came along, and we forgot all about it. :)

Editorial, at "A Taste of Home".

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